Phoria – Loss

solid production and tender vocals aside, this is a scorcher for the summer heat


Denny White – Sweetness


Sweetness is one of those words I like to use to describe something good …. I’ll say something like, “he’s bringing the sweetness” …. which could be cookies, mouth kissing, drugs, tacos, or music … whatever is good in life.  Los Angeles electro pop artist Denny White is bringing the sweetness with his new track “Sweetness.”  His vocals are on point! He’s pretty easy on the eyes too …. swoon! The vibes here are sweet and I’m loving all the things about it! Get into this one kids!


Fhin – Your Heart Sounds Like

Your Heart Sounds Like’ was released to critical acclaim just 2 month ago, and Fhin, young Parisian (French) producer is back with some real tasty tune this week. A tune made with finesse and delicacy throughout. This second single confirms the rising status of the upcoming A Crack In The Eyes EP that’s slotted to drop later on in March.

Hopefully for you, you’ll be getting on top of a Jetlag, because I can’t ! After 3 weeks in Mexico, I can’t seem to get down. So Fhin’s track here serves a great deal of helping me through the ordeal. Think of the nicest tea brew you have ever blended : something along the lines of Saje, and the after-taste Mura Masa to round things off with brilliance. Here’s an artist you need to keep an eye on boys and girls. Fhin is here to stay have a prolific year :


Emma Louise – TALK BABY TALK

The Australian’s downtempo electronic pop has been a hit since Cages, and that flavor continues with her new tracks. Talk Baby Talk is a wonderful deconstruction of a relationship that flows beautifully under her command, her voice a simple armament around the pristine production. Check it out below.


Wyldest – Wanders


Wyldest is the London-based project that involves Zoe Mead and Holly Mullineaux, known also as Wildest Dreams. Dark Matter is their first ep. “Wanders” is the second track available for streaming. The song shows the enchanting voice and the dreamy vibes of the sound. Listen below.