Tom Misch – I Wish

Tom Misch will be releasing his upcoming EP Reverie on July 15. Take a listen to the newest single from the EP “I Wish”, a mellow electronic track that is driven by Misch’s slick guitar chords. I found this track to be particularly interesting because he goes between mellow grooves with some more funky, upbeat licks. Either way, “I Wish” furthers my growing love for his gorgeous compositions and smooth production.



Young Summer – Alright

song of the day comes from young summer, and with vibes this slick and catchy, we can’t wait for the season to come into full effect

Totemo – Hits

totemo writes catchy pop songs, this is one of them, crisp synths give way to a big league vocal among the many hooks present in this song, and that my friends is why this is our song of the day

Fhin – Your Heart Sounds Like

Your Heart Sounds Like’ was released to critical acclaim just 2 month ago, and Fhin, young Parisian (French) producer is back with some real tasty tune this week. A tune made with finesse and delicacy throughout. This second single confirms the rising status of the upcoming A Crack In The Eyes EP that’s slotted to drop later on in March.

Hopefully for you, you’ll be getting on top of a Jetlag, because I can’t ! After 3 weeks in Mexico, I can’t seem to get down. So Fhin’s track here serves a great deal of helping me through the ordeal. Think of the nicest tea brew you have ever blended : something along the lines of Saje, and the after-taste Mura Masa to round things off with brilliance. Here’s an artist you need to keep an eye on boys and girls. Fhin is here to stay have a prolific year :


Com Truise – Silicon Tare

In 2010, Com Truise captivated listeners with his Cyanide Sisters EP, showcasing a VHS-like electronic sound reminiscent of the synth-heavy ’80s. Now the producer is gearing to release a new EP, titled Silicon Tare, furthering the narrative of 2011’s Galactic Melt album and 2014’s Wave 1 EP. The forthcoming EP’s title track is reminiscent of the aforementioned Cyanide Sisters project, with a slightly newer edge. Here’s to hoping the rest the of the 5-track EP sounds like this