Cruel Youth – Mr. Watson



Snowblink – How Now

toronto’s snowblink make thoughtful yet tasteful pop music that is light and easy, we dig


Shallou – Heights

it’s the empty moments that Shallou fills so well. The bits of mental peace that we don’t often get to ourselves. “Heights” is another great instrumental hum-along that nudges the brain to wander and skip. Put in in your ears and find new colors in the world.

Com Truise – Silicon Tare

In 2010, Com Truise captivated listeners with his Cyanide Sisters EP, showcasing a VHS-like electronic sound reminiscent of the synth-heavy ’80s. Now the producer is gearing to release a new EP, titled Silicon Tare, furthering the narrative of 2011’s Galactic Melt album and 2014’s Wave 1 EP. The forthcoming EP’s title track is reminiscent of the aforementioned Cyanide Sisters project, with a slightly newer edge. Here’s to hoping the rest the of the 5-track EP sounds like this